Friday, January 4, 2008

Dear Diary,

Today, finally all the hammerings stopped. i woke up wondering if during the night the wonder-ceiling had fallen on my head and i had gone to heaven. have i told you about wonder-ceiling? i havent? well, i will... another story.

anyway, heaven felt really nice as there would be no hammerings on top of my room in heaven ever again.and for that matter, my room isnt really a room.its a huge hall with a fountain spewing diet pepsi right in the centre. i also have a fridge that keeps hot things hot and cold things cold and airtight things airtight. oh.. it also manufactures zero calorie potato chips,cakes and biryani.
hell has the same things, only with calories and the fridge working in reverse.

i felt the pinch of reality when i stumbled on my carpet, neatly folded up and kept beside my bed. (Seriously mom, for the last time - its a medium sized 3 foot by 2 C-A-R-P-E-T NOT A SITTING MAT !! ). but i still couldnt hear any hammerings. did the skinny guy finally hammer his own toenail ?! i remember the agonising sunday mornings i used to wake up to the sounds of hammering ... bang right above my room's wonder-ceilinged roof. i hate skinny guys .
maybe my curse worked and there is one toenail-less skinny guy right now repenting his spite at a devastatingly gorgeous ,intelligent , blessed with powers of telekinesis princess of the kingdom of andulasia from whom he used to steal calorie free potato chips ... hmm..... *sigh* *Sigh* .
a quick question at mom informed me today was the workers day off.

yeah, my home is going through massive reconstruction work. and although, it involves the construction of an entire 1st floor, somehow the only progression which reverberates to the ground floor is the hammerings on the roof -of the ground floor. somedays it gets so bad that we hit ourselves on the head with heavy objects weighing 5 kilos and above and not feel a thing.
Apart from that, when the 1st floor actually gets completed and the relief of having saved my neurons from permanent damage sets in, the ground floor gets the hammerings. i am sure hammerings on the walls of the ground floor will not be worse than those on the roof. right? RIGHT?

apart from the hammerings, since the past few days i also had to endure endless sessions of mission what-walls-to-break-on-ground-floor with my parents. mostly the sessions included enthusiastic suggestions from dad, critical appraisal by mom and me sitting with a glazed look on my eyes.

M-"so, we break the wall of this room to make an entrance via the garage to the main gate? if so,then also break the other wall to create way to the drawing room"

D-"yes, that will be the side entrance.But for the main entrance we have to break the main wall to make a gate and construct another wall right after the current entrance for the main door."

Me- " phoolon sa chehra tera, kaliyon si muskaan hai ...... "

i was singing in my thoughts of course. next time i ll sing out aloud. they are my parents. they already think i am autistic or whatever anyway.
now, i cant wait to start my first hammering-less Sunday in years.


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Anonymous said...

fantastic....i love it when confirmed weirdos like u get down to writing ur innermost thoughts... it makes the whole crazy world appear suddenly sane!
(and if d reconstruction work is over, wud u cinsider giving a re-housewarming party?)

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