Thursday, June 7, 2007

what made them laugh,
and why were they polite.
what unnerved them,
how they loved
and why they didnt.
i knew what politics was
and, that Charity is a little selfish
i knew why lions roared,
and which ones were old.
i knew that ethics were productive
but spurned even by the brave.
i knew selfishness as a vice
and music somewhat a weakness.
celebrations were celebrated,
and also advertised.
if i knew everything..
then, why did i repeat the same mistakes,
again and again......and again.

p.s. anyone game enough to compose music on these lyrics?

Sunday, April 8, 2007

recently i had been to 'daffodils'. i am naming the restaurant this time because i have stopped being scared of anyone suing me for defamation. i forgot i have been living in india my whole life... so yes, yet another restaurant. a decent one to look at.. if you dont stop to wonder why the waitresses dress colourful(different colour per girl) and the waiters so bland.(white every guy, and maybe a black tie)
i refrained from asking any of the waitresses for a table ... (what if she's a customer!!)

me and my friends-3 of us- we got a table that could seat 7. we didnt mind exactly .. each of us happily settled down 2 seats each with 1 chair left over per person to carry our bags, keys, cellphones etc and the 7th chair for the other stuff we carry around instead of dumping it in the nearest dustbin. this intresting stuff comprised mainly of pamphlets promoting some new shop opening in some corner of some street or a science tutorial advertising its academic prowess and how many percentage of its students got through the medical entrances every if you scan the newspapers everyday line by line ,you might come across an article whining about commerce students from restaurants being accepted into renowned medical schools.whining because the writer of that article has been preping for entrances since 2 years and she never got any such miracle performing pamphlet. now, thats what i call the power of advertising.and well, maybe newspapers too.

back to the restaurant-- the menu itself was an epic masterpiece. the first page informed me, in China it is believed that good matchmakers made good cooks.presumptious as i am, i believed for the sake of entertainment that its vice-versa is true as well. 1 paragraph ago, i had read that emperors of ancient china used to cook for their subjects as a now...well, you get the picture,right?
no wonder the population explosion in China has increased exponentially over the years. it had to, with all the royal matchmaking!... and now they have promotions in their corporate sector being granted to those people who treat their parents right. honestly, this last piece of info was taken from a newspaper and is no figment of my imagination.

this was the info i could get from page one of the 2 inch thick menu. i wanted to read more but i was eager to get started on the cuisine part of the menu even more. food was nice ... IF i ignore the cold and rock hard french fries i was served along with my burger. apart from that, food was nice ...and with such spacious seating arrangements, how can i not be grateful? but then again,its up to you to take seriously the reccomendation of someone who cannot differentiate waitresses from the customers. BUT THEN AGAIN, err.. again, if people are as philanthropic as they look.. it wouldnt really matter. right?

do check this one out.i love daffodils.

Friday, February 23, 2007


Came across an article on child's an extract which i found intriguing --the way a child's logic develops!

"Offer a child around eighteen months old two different snacks, such as crackers or apple slices. Watch which one the child prefers. Let the child observe you taste each of the snacks, as you exhibit clear disgust at the child's choice and show a strong preference for the opposite choice. Then place the child's hand between the two snacks and ask, 'Can you give me one?' Children younger than eighteen months will generally offer the snack they liked; older ones will offer the snack you preferred."

what would you have done in a similar situation? And depending on your answer, now you know how old you really are!! ;)

Saturday, January 20, 2007

"In the 22 years of my life , after having experienced whatever I have , from the pain of having cut my finger on a razor to the high of making it to DCE or starting my professional career , from the excitement of having given someone a blank call to the terror of her dad finding out my number and calling me back , I have realised a thing . That I am just a traveller , who started this journey with nothing , and one day , will end it with nothing . As I travel , I will come across varied things . Thunderous applause , venomous comments , beautiful faces , luxurious objects , broken promises . But the echo of every applause will die down eventually , every hateful comment will lose its sting after a while , a beautiful face may reveal an ugly soul with time , no object of pleasure can lead to prolonged satisfaction , and it was only my own expectation which hurt me in the guise of a broken promise . So I need to realise the truth that without attaching myself to these mirages , I have to enjoy the journey . Life is not about clinging to these ever changing stations on the way . It's about understanding that it's all just a journey , to end in nothingness one day ."

Ok . I admit . All this sounds just like Sholay's Thakur trying to talk about arm wrestling techniques , so I will avoid public consumption of my personal ideas about life now .

This is written by a friend of mine who'd rather remain anonymous. The ideas above were simply too true to allow them to rot away in my inbox.

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