Thursday, June 7, 2007

what made them laugh,
and why were they polite.
what unnerved them,
how they loved
and why they didnt.
i knew what politics was
and, that Charity is a little selfish
i knew why lions roared,
and which ones were old.
i knew that ethics were productive
but spurned even by the brave.
i knew selfishness as a vice
and music somewhat a weakness.
celebrations were celebrated,
and also advertised.
if i knew everything..
then, why did i repeat the same mistakes,
again and again......and again.

p.s. anyone game enough to compose music on these lyrics?

2 scribbled up the vine:

Setu said...

heh.. I would if I knew how to.
Another nice one although i liked the one titled "What do women want?" more. Keep writing!

Setu said...

And the circle of whys is vicious.
Read that whenever you've time.

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