Saturday, January 20, 2007

"In the 22 years of my life , after having experienced whatever I have , from the pain of having cut my finger on a razor to the high of making it to DCE or starting my professional career , from the excitement of having given someone a blank call to the terror of her dad finding out my number and calling me back , I have realised a thing . That I am just a traveller , who started this journey with nothing , and one day , will end it with nothing . As I travel , I will come across varied things . Thunderous applause , venomous comments , beautiful faces , luxurious objects , broken promises . But the echo of every applause will die down eventually , every hateful comment will lose its sting after a while , a beautiful face may reveal an ugly soul with time , no object of pleasure can lead to prolonged satisfaction , and it was only my own expectation which hurt me in the guise of a broken promise . So I need to realise the truth that without attaching myself to these mirages , I have to enjoy the journey . Life is not about clinging to these ever changing stations on the way . It's about understanding that it's all just a journey , to end in nothingness one day ."

Ok . I admit . All this sounds just like Sholay's Thakur trying to talk about arm wrestling techniques , so I will avoid public consumption of my personal ideas about life now .

This is written by a friend of mine who'd rather remain anonymous. The ideas above were simply too true to allow them to rot away in my inbox.

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Anonymous said...

but i would like to know ur personal idea about life...hehehehe
comon jinxi start putting it and next post should be that only....
and " sholay's thakur about arm a nice example... it hurts but very true...
u know who

starDust said...
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starDust said...

my idea about life is similar to it ...what other motive do u think i had for writing sumone else's stuff on my webpage ?

Shruti said...

so very true!ur friend thinks the right way or rather the only way!thanks for reading my blog...there's finally one person who read it other than my friends and family....thanks again!

P.S-Whats ur name?

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