Thursday, September 14, 2006

time- 10 pm
location- some restaurant ( cant name it, or i'll be sued for defamation)
my mood - forbidding ...

we ( my entire family) ..entered the restaurant despite my ranting and raving and nose screwing at seeing the horrid sickly pink colour of the paper napkins...[i cannot tolerate the colour pink ...yuuccckkk!] .

anyways , since my stomach started roaring ... i had to give in. i am my appetite's slave. thankfully, i was allowed to pick up the table of my choice (atleast!) ...and as usual , i picked up a table in the corner ..where i could have a gala time eating as well as spying on other people's activites in pink-paper-napkin restaurant.

there were some college students celebrating god knows what with much fanfare and some alcohol. one of them was blowing his nose on the said napkins .

serves those horrid things right. if you are pink you deserve to be treated likewise.

other tables had the usual couples or families ..nothing noteworthy. except one perhaps....

a woman and a little girl. the kid couldnt have been older than 4. and the woman looked rather young to even have a kid. she was calling her 'ma' i guess they were mother and daughter.
The kid had spunk! i had to give her that.

...i winked at her. she winked back...
a moment later she pushed out her tongue at me.

ahh..the joys of being small....the rudest things thy does are considered as nothing but cute!

my manners prevailed ...i gave her an amused smile. too amused perhaps. she grinned back . i noticed her front two teeth were missing.

the 2nd commandment - kids with both their above 2 front teeth missing are to be presumed mischievous unless proven otherwise.

the thought made me laugh .... to which the girl responded with a high pitched screech.

was that a laugh?!?! ...i better start revising my commandments. oh wait ... that was a laugh ... her cheeks were flushed and she looked exactly like a monkey waiting to snatch away my banana . (yep, i hate bananas too. so her circus performance was a much needed diversion).

unknown to both of us ...her screech had attracted the attention of our respective families. my little friend and i were guffawing away madly at each other...oblivious to the perplexed stares of her mother and mine.
the 3rd commandment-- the devilry of childish dispostion has, but only one enemy -- adults.

and since i was the one who wasnt 4 years old , i was given a weird she's-gone-nuts-and-making-my-baby-laugh look.


i could have hardly said that out aloud.
and a smile would be further misconstrued.

cute kid....

time- 10:45 pm
location- same restaurant (minus the doormat which now was in front of the paanwala's stall some metres away)
my mood- " :| "(yep ...despite the pink napkins)

3 scribbled up the vine:

disaster said...

that was hilarious...
guess wat u r the only girl in my close circle who doesnot like pink. [:o]

Anonymous said...

Very funny.. feels like everything is happening in front of the reader's eyes [:D]


Pranay said...

nice write-up.. rightly expressed with the requisite amounts of humour.. and in any case, where kids are involved, can good-willed humour be far away!
an interesting read indeed

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