Friday, September 8, 2006


"why do people die?"
-- "thats because a naughty girl called pandora made a mistake in the
it wasnt until too late ,
that i realised what you truly meant.
did you think i didnt care?
or did you want me not to care??

how could i have known...what you wanted to convey???
what you so jealously guarded from me that year????
did you think that i wouldn't know....finally?
i thought our troubles were over,
when you said -"lets start over".
how was i to know...
that all you meant was --' i dont have time. this is over '

when i showed concern , you turned on your charm
when i prodded you again-you showed me your temper ...
you ignored me ...and then you apologised
you were affectionate..and then you turned cynical
and i wondered...are you still the one who taught me optimism??

"i'll still the earth and get you the stars ...
you only have to ask me once." now ,i ask of you-
when you still the earth ,dont get me the stars-
can you return me what i had once cherished??
can you get me your own self back again??

the secret you kept, was a burden meant for Atlas
and yet you convinced me ,
that there was nothing important hidden from me
i was a fool to believe you
but then , i never really knew what to believe.

we hurled insults, and we cried
we dared , we laughed and we shared
when i hurt you , you hurt me back
when i despised you , u loved me with all your heart.
when i angered you , you knew i was scared
but why didn't you realise i was scared ..
when i left your side,with your heart charred??

are you punishing me for my past...
for my ignorance,my hate?
for my innocence?
or is it just my destiny?

when i was there , seething in anger
why didnt you tell me you had no choice??
why didnt you shout and call me selfish?
why did you say it was okay?
why didnt i know that i was your pandora??

5 scribbled up the vine:

disaster said...

aapne blog bana liya :O
badiya hai...

poem is really nice and gives a glimpse of pandora's (your)inner self (now dont get mad i am not psychoanalysing you..okk) hehehe:P

nomad said...

wow !! at 14 you were pretty informed, pandora, atlas et al eh ?? all i knew at 14 were a few cricketers i guess ;-) maybe because i was always looking out of the window while on a train !


Nice poem, did you write it? The pic "Dragon-rose" compliments the poem well.

Have you forsaken blogging?

Wyntey said...

Thank you. i did write the poem first halfway decent creation.
And, didn't plan on giving up blogging, just haven't come across anything worth writing about ..
But, will start the moment i get an inspiration!
keep visiting.


More than a halfway decent, :).

I have been unable to find English poems precisely to my liking. Perhaps you could suggest some poems/poets which have the similar taste as Ghazals. I mean not just expressing melancholy, but actually appreciating it ironically.


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